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unable to install on local host win 7 64 bit

Jul 5, 2012 at 5:56 AM


i had successfully installed shopcartnet on my hosting provider.

but i am unable to do so on my local host running win 7 64 bit.

i tried to install it in inetpub/wwwroot directory - no success - error invalid url

on same machine when using host file url http://shoppingcart. - error invalid url

the problem with installer after admin infomation provided and goes to next page

it asks for store url

i tried

http://localhost/shoppingcart  -  error invalid address

when i moved code from there and install in c drive ofcourse adding a entry in host file and a clean db and source.

so url i tried http://shoppingcart - same error invalid url

there is a serious bug in this software which only allow to host with extensions like .com , .net like.

it is rather awkward to do custmization etc on live store.

please note i am no expert in computers these are my observations.

any help will be appreciated.







Jul 5, 2012 at 4:22 PM

Shopping Cart .Net is not domain restricted in any way. In fact, this is how we develop it in Visual Studio. I had the same issue with other local projects. Turned out that my wireless network was blocking localhost. This might be the case with you as well. Anyway, I cannot say for sure without looking at your screen, event log and network.



Gal Ratner

Inverted Software